Nicole Williams

Nicole A. Williams is a MA student in rhetoric and composition at Ball State University where she also serves as a graduate assistant teaching first-year composition. She also teaches first-year composition at Ivy Technical Community College. Her research interests include the assessment of multimodal compositions, the role of fair use and copyright in mulitmodal composing, the politics of space in the composition classroom, and the intersection of reading theory and museum studies, specifically the designing of exhibits. Nicole will begin work on her Phd at Virgnia Tech's Rhetoric and Writing Program in the fall of 2009.

Thank You's

  Thank you to Dr. Jackie Grutsch-Mckinney, assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Ball State University, for her continued guidance, input, and feedback throughout the duration of this study.  Also, thank you to the freshman composition instructor, who wishes to remain anonymous, and all the students from the English 103 course at Ball State University who gave their time to participate in this study.

Note: The names of the Ball State University students who participated in this study have been changed to protect their confidentiality.